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How to detail carburetors

Easy upgrades that are fun to do
By Mark Batson
In-Depth Techniques
Detailing carburetors can be a fun and rewarding exercise that can improve the look of any car model. Mark Batson shows you how to do it.
Carburetors are the centerpieces of the many details under the hoods of model cars. Muscle cars, street rods, rad rods, big-blocks or small-blocks, carburetors are one of the most important parts of any car. I try to make them models all to themselves.

Even if you choose to have a breather/air cleaner, fuel lines, linkage, and return springs can add a nice touch of realism.

Many kit carburetors lack specific detail, and with time and a little work can yield a realistic representation. There are plenty of rod magazines and online sources that can aid detailing.

Most aftermarket carburetors have excellent detail, and are available in many styles and sizes. Several aftermarket companies make photoetched linkage and carburetor detailing sets, which include mounting plates and gaskets.

Spending a little extra time detailing carburetors can be a lot of fun and can bring a lot of attention to your engine.
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