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How to detail radiators

Easy, fun techniques add realism
By Mark Batson
In-Depth Techniques
Modelers often take great care detailing and dressing up the engines and engine bays of their products, only to use the stock kit radiators — and quite often they are somewhat out of sight.

When I attend 1:1 car shows, I pay close attention to the cooling systems. Many are unique to the car — especially customs, roadsters, and rat rods.

Modifying a kit radiator or totally scratchbuilding your own is an easy and fun process that yields a realistic finished product.

I have used these techniques to modify and scratchbuild radiators for many different types of cars, from showroom to race car.

Try this on your next project. I think you'll find it fun and easy.
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Choose the type of radiator and screen that best fits your product.
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