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April 1991
Volume 12

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Scale Auto magazine covers the entire model car hobby. Each issue provides you with expert how to tips to help you easily build and customize muscle cars, street rods, stock cars and more. You'll receive objective and accurate reviews to help you find models worth your time and money. Whether you're a builder or a collector, this magazine is for you!
Kit of the Year
By Larry Greenberg
And the winners are...
Phantom Phenomenon
By Tim Boyd
An introduction to phantoms and how they began
Box Art Blend
By Rick Hanmore
The ultimate early '60s combo-car
Secrets of Lacquer Painting ... Part III
By Mark Gustavson
Finishing touches, samding and polishing
Top Swap / The Natural
By Lance Rogers and Mike Carroll
A pair of late model Chevy phantoms
Phantom Father
By Kirk Bell
Jack Davis' passion for building '30 and '40 Fords that never existed has earned him a very patriarchal nickname
Phantom Flatback
By Kirk Bell
Ken Uhler builds a simple phantom conversion
"What If" Resin
By Kirk Bell
A complete guide to cottage industry phantom bodies
Phictitious Phantasies
By Bill Coulter
Three modelers push the bounds of reality to create their own imaginative racing teams
By Ken Andrus
Fun and resin cast models abounded at the 11th annual NNL hosted in Toledo, Ohio
Under Achievement
By Geoff McDonell
Adding a vacuformed substructure and hinges to your hood
By Dave Hill
Have you driven the heartbeat of America lately?
Scale Auto Sketchpad
By Brad Leisure
'58 Nomad / '53 El Camino
Are you a modeling Fool?
By Kirk Bell
A quick quiz to determine if you've gone off the deep end
Transporter Transformation
By Rick Hanmore
Converting an Ertl mighty mover into a Winston Cup hauler
Fantastic Plastic
By Tom West
The history of drag racing models, part V
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