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February 2009
Volume 30

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Scale Auto magazine covers the entire model car hobby. Each issue provides you with expert how to tips to help you easily build and customize muscle cars, street rods, stock cars and more. You'll receive objective and accurate reviews to help you find models worth your time and money. Whether you're a builder or a collector, this magazine is for you!
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Kitbash a 1955 Chevy pickup
By Tim Boyd
Finishing a stalled truck project
Build these super Novas!
By Bob Downie
Stock and drag versions of Revell-Monogram's hot new 2-in-1 1969 SS kit
Adhesives A to Z
By Matthew Usher
Choosing the right glue makes model building easier
SCIMA Model Contest
By Jim Casassa
Great models from Indianapolis
Caricature builder
By Gary Kulchock
This Corvette Grand Sport looks wacky, but check out these great building tips
Midyear Mopar colors
By Tim Boyd
Paint options for Chrysler's midyear colors from the muscle-car era
Portfolio: Ron Ramsay's racers
By Jim Haught
"Drag racing is in my blood," says this lifelong racing fan
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