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Revell Chevy SSR kit review

box art
Chevy SSR
Revell No. 85-4052
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $23.96
Pros: Well engineered and perfect fit on parts; extra choice of decals; solid feel
Cons: Didn't find any, but would have liked lettering on the tires

I was pleasantly surprised to see this kit on the shelves again. I built one of them for a friend a few years back when he decided to buy the real thing, and I had as much fun building it then as I did putting this recent example together. I have always loved the lines of the 1:1 car, as they are unique. Even to this day, you don't see many out and about; it's certainly one to keep around, as I am sure they will be sought after by collectors in the future.

Revell did a great job on the box art for the kit. I think it will attract some modelers into buying it. One thing I didn't see while doing research on the 1:1 car was the Chevy racing stripes included in the kit. I always asked myself why the designers at Chevrolet decided not to go with the idea of using these, but I am surely happy they included them in the kit; they truly look great.

The engine consists of 16 parts. Although it sounds like a small number, the completed engine looks quite nice. There are no chrome parts for the engine, and you are instructed to paint most of it in aluminum, with various other items in semigloss black. You will also be instructed at a later phase of the build to complete the engine by installing the engine shroud and upper intake manifold. By this time, you will have the chassis mated to the body, making this part of the build easier.

The chassis consists of 26 parts and looks great when completed. Parts such as the front and rear tie rods, as well as the rear tracking bar, are separate. The exhaust system is built in two phases, and this makes for an easier installation. The kit includes two metal exhaust tips, which I really liked, and it gives this kit a great look when viewed from the rear. the kit includes "big and littles" for the tires and chrome wheels, and the rear wheels use a metal axle to complete the installation to the chassis.

The interior consists of 15 parts, and if you follow the instructions to the letter when it comes to painting and detailing, it truly yields great results. You are instructed to paint several items around the interior in aluminum, but I decided to take an easier route by using Bare-Metal foil to complete this part. I thought it was a lot easier than masking and painting. The middle console needs to be painted body color, and contrasts nicely with the darker interior color that the instructions call for. There are several decals that need to be placed around the interior, as well as the inside of the dash, for the gauges. The left and right door panels are separate, as well as the back seat halves and dash. The bottom of the interior has two positive mounting points that will go against the chassis, making for a tight and snug fit.

The body is nicely done and consists of 6 parts: the hood, rear bumper, left and right lower body panels, roof, and ultimately the tonneau cover for the bed. The front fascia is part of the body, so there will be no need to install it separately. I was content to know that all of these parts fit just right against each other. I suggest that the surrounding areas and sides of the tonneau cover be lightly sanded; it was a little bit of a tight fit right out of the box; and by the time you add primer and paint, it might get a little tighter. I loved the idea that the side and lower body panels are a separate piece; it makes it a lot easier at the end when you're ready to mate the chassis/interior to the body. The rear bumper also mounts nicely after the chassis and body are in place. Two small screws are used to hold the chassis against the rear part of the bed in the bottom, and the interior lines up perfectly with the opening of the body at the top.

The glass had no scratches and comes in its own protective bag. You will have to paint the surrounding areas in black for a correct look. The rear glass mounts nicely against the rear of the roof, as well as the front one against the insides of the front frame. There are a few chrome parts on this one, but the chrome was crisp and clean.

The decals are beautiful, and you get a choice of black or white Chevy racing stripes. I decided to go with the black stripes, simply because I painted the interior in a dark shade of gray. There are also decals for the engine bay, interior, and various other small things such as emblems for the body. The side rearview mirrors have separate chrome oval inserts, and have positive mounting points that go well against the body, so there should not even be a concern about pinning these before installation.

The completed model feels solid. I thought it was well designed, and the instructions were straightforward and easy to follow. There is a choice of colors for the body on the kit box, but I decided to go with orange, and was pleased. It truly looks great with the Chevy stripes. I like to detail the chassis on all of my models, and this one is cool and detailed.

I will buy another one of these kits for my personal stash; it's that nice, and I am sure a lot of you will enjoy building it. It does not disappoint!


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