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Autoart Lamborghini Aventador

For many years, Lamborghini and Ferrari have worked their Italian design magic to tub at supercar aficionados' heartstrings like another rendition of “O Sole Mio” in the mother country.

Lamborghini was created to spite Enzo Ferrari, who insulted Ferruccio Lamborghini, who was a customer. And it's safe to say, Lamborghini proved his point, his firm designing edgy supercars that with their massive 12-cylinder engines ultimately have put many a Ferrari to shame from a performance standpoint.

Among its most recent efforts, the Aventador LP700-4, modeled here by Autoart, is a stellar example. Aventador, named for a famous bull as are all Lamborghinis, features a monster 700 horsepower, 12-cylinder 6.5-liter engine. That raging bull under the rear bonnet pushes the 1:1 car to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds and boasts a top speed of 217 mph — enough to earn you a ticket any time you drive it!

Although raw power is exciting, for true performance a supercar needs to be lightweight. Aventador uses a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis to limit its weight, yet give it a strong platform. The car weighs 3,472 pounds, approximately 120 pounds more than the current Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and SRT Viper GTS.

Not enough numbers yet? Aventador's power to weight is a measly 4.96 pounds per horsepower. Uh, not a lot of cars dip below 5 pounds.
Sadly, we can't drive our diecast dream cars. But Autoart give you all the visual sensory stimuli you'll need with its 1/18 model. The sample bright metallic yellow model is made from 327 metal and plastic parts. Autoart reports there are 127 metal parts and 29 photoetched plates in this model, meaning detail is extra fine for the $219 asking price.

Everything here opens, as you'd expect. The scissor-style doors flip up to create an unusual display. Inside you'll find a flashy yellow-and-black interior, with yellow seats, console, and detailed stitching around the dash. The speedster's gauges and center console look realistic too, with finely detailed instrumentation and gauge faces.

The Aventador's angular nose features the Lambo logo, and the short hood raises slightly on realistic-looking hinges — nothing to see inside, though. The front lights are spectacular, with a Y-shaped design inside the lens along with an individual projector beam.

Taillights are equally detailed, but it's what's under the rear hatch that most collectors will enjoy seeing and displaying. There you'll find the V-12 with Lamborghini scrolled along the headers. You can easily see the inboard shocks, also yellow, support bracing, and a carbon-fiber panel across the engine's top.

That flat rear window also is sculpted with three waves across it, reflecting the angular design of the rest of this supercar. Plus, after you've lifted the hatch, you can pull out and extend the rear spoiler, and workable side wings next to the hatch. And if you look at the car square on in back, you'll see a wide chrome-trimmed exhaust outlet.

Along the sides, Aventador's sculpted doors lead back into giant photoetched screens, and behind the oversized tires and racy five-spoke wheels are yellow Lamborghini-labeled brakes to accent the car as it sits in profile.

Could this be more realistic? Well, if the engine could be started, I guess.

Autoart has again created a suberbly detailed 1/18 supercar, and in this color it's a spectacular addition to any modern-era car collection
— and that's no bull!

Vital Stats
Product: Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 (Giallo Orion/Metallic Yellow)
Maker: Autoart
Scale: 1/18
Stock No.: 74664
MSRP: $219

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