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Autoart's BMW M3 DTM 1991 "Tic Tac" Berg #43

BMWs are racers at heart, and BMW's M Series are the hopped-up versions of already racy coupes and sedans that the Bavarian automaker squeezes out of its German factories.

Germans love to put their BMWs, Audis, Mercedes, and Volkswagens to the test on the racetrack. So in the 1980s they began testing their home-country metal on road courses as part of the Deutsche Touring Masters Championship, popularly known as DTM. Think of it as German NASCAR.

The History:

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, BMW's awesome M3 (first built in 1986) dominated the DTM series. The M3 was the souped-up small coupe that sold well as the 3 Series in the U.S. market and was known as the E30 overseas. BMW sold hundreds of thousands of these, the original rear-drive 3 Series being made from 1982 to 1992.

That's the timeframe Autoart focuses on with a variety of 1/18 diecast models, including the review car: a colorful green-and-white-and-gold Tic Tac-sponsored 1991 racer from Tauber Motorsports. That year the car was driven in many of the DTM's 12-race season by Canadian Allen Berg, who had a varied racing career, including one year piloting a Formula 1 car.

Berg and the #43 Tic Tac M3 Sport Evolution machine did not have great success in that season, the 9th for DTM, but the car looks like a winner and was popular because of its unusual sponsorship and paint scheme. An M3 won DTM championships in 1987 and 1989 by beating the likes of worthy competitors such as the Audi V-8 Quattro, Ford Sierra, and Mercedes 190E.

The car started with 235 horsepower from their I4 engines, but all the cars were further enhanced mechanically and then stripped of their interiors and customized to be racers. That included all the proper safety equipment, such as roll bars and one racing seat with racing seat belts and shoulder harnesses.
The Model:

This Tic Tac paint scheme is really cool and will make this car stand out in any collection, plus there's the usual Autoart attention to detail. Hood, trunk, and doors all open.

Exterior pluses include the green grille up front, realistic-looking headlights and amber signal lamps, metal-look hood and deck pins, single giant windshield wiper, white aero mirrors, blacked-out window trim and door handles, realistic taillights, and gorgeous gold lace spoke racing wheels. Tires are not branded, but there are accurate BMW logos nose and tail, and the underbody is nicely detailed complete with a black dual exhaust.

Inside is a black Recaro racing seat with blue shoulder straps and belts, and a sparsely decorated white race interior. There's just a black dash and 3-spoke steering wheel, plus a white-topped floor shifter along with some electronics and wires. The big white roll cage also is visible behind the driver's seat and inside the door openings if you pop those open.

The engine bay looks realistic, with a black shrouded M Power 4-cylinder engine with wiring and plumbing. Up by the radiator are strong hinges to keep the front-hinged hood up too. Not much to see in the trunk except some hoses, bu then this is a race, so no spare tire back there.

Granted this is a race version, so you lose some interior detailing, but at this price the M3 is an accurate and attractive 1/18 scale model that looks like it's ready for track action. It displays well with hood and doors open, or closed so you can get the full benefit of its "spec-tac-ular" Tic Tac paint scheme.

This is a fun racer to display in any collection.

Vital Stats
Product: BMW M3 DTM 1991 "Tic Tac" Berg #43
Maker: Autoart
Scale: 1/18
Stock No.: 74110
MSRP: $179.90

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