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AMT/Ertl The Fast and the Furious 1995 Toyota Supra

December 2003
1995 Toyota Supra
1995 Toyota Supra
AMT/Ertl Kit No. 31900
Model Type: 1/25 scale injection-molded
Molded colors: gray, clear
MSRP: $14
Pros: Good detail, engine, suspension
Cons: Mold lines, excess plating, body-to-chassis fit

In the early 1990s the second-generation Toyota Supra was introduced to the automotive market. With 320 horsepower, this was a car capable of 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds. It quickly became a popular car for the aftermarket performance shops. From upgrading turbos and adding performance exhaust, this car didn't need much to be a rocket ship.

Today, the Toyota Supra is one of the leading cars to "tune" for big-time performance. Japanese tuners are getting upward of 600-800 horsepower from these six-cylinder cars.

This 1995 Toyota Supra was a great addition to the AMT/Ertl lineup. I feel this kit had high expectations long before it hit the shelves, and has lived up to them.
When I opened the box it was hard to not notice the high parts count. Every little detail was covered, including the gauge pod located on the driver's-side pillar. The one problem was that almost all of the parts had have seam lines trimmed. Make sure you have a sharp hobby knife available when you start this kit!

Construction began with the rear suspension - a change from most kits, where you build the engine first. The directions had good "flow" and good diagrams. I decided to change some of the colors throughout the build, just to add a more realistic feel to the car. Starting with the rear suspension and moving forward to the front was a smooth transition. The realistic look of the undercarriage made me take more time instead of just painting everything flat black, as I do with most kits.

It was nice to have the front wheels turn so that I could style the car the way I wanted. The brakes lack detail, and with the big rear wheel dishes they were not very appealing. I would have not made the wheel mounting "discs" and have a solid wheel that would help show off the rims.
Reviewing the engine detail diagram in the instructions, it was nice to see a lot of parts that were true to the 1:1 car. As I built the engine, I started to notice the excessive number of chromed parts; unchromed parts are easier to paint, and they let you coordinate with the exterior color. It was difficult to decide what to paint and what to leave chrome. I believe it would have been more realistic to paint the whole engine and leave minimal parts chrome.
The interior has a great sport-tuned look to it. The NOS bottles, roll cage, speakers, and amps were a change from the usual backseat interior. The front race bucket seats, painted Testor's flat Cobalt Blue, were chosen instead of the standard-issue Toyota seats. It would have been nice if there was a decal of the five-point harness available to add to the seats.

I had to use a roll cage from an extra Supra kit because I rushed the assembly, and the first roll cage didn't fit correctly. I should have dry-fit and glued the roll cage before I painted it.

Only three decals were included for the dash gauges, and none was supplied for the dash-mounted tachometer and the pillar-mounted gauges. I found this to be a little strange; the dash seemed incomplete.

The exterior mirrors and the front and rear bumpers were the only pieces that had to be glued onto the body. The overall fit was good and the panel lines needed a little attention, but nothing too drastic. I painted the body with Testor's International Orange enamel. It could have been a little brighter, but was pretty close to the 1:1 car's paint.

It's often hard to get windows to fit correctly, but on this model the front and rear interior "glass" just about fell into place. The fact that the glass was two pieces instead of one helped the situation.

The headlight and taillight lenses were a great, hassle-free fit. I taillights didn't look right against the orange paint, so I added some chrome paint behind them. The chrome headlamp lenses could have been clear, for a more realistic look, but came out looking pretty good anyway.

I liked the rear deck spoiler and mounts; as I finished the model, I was thinking that they could be adapted to many other cars. It would have been nice if the hodd had hinges; it just sits there and may get lost. The removable roof section is nice, because people can see and admire the interior work (or you can hide it by gluing the roof section in place).

The biggest trademark piece of the car is the decals, but I must say that I was not looking forward to applying the six-inch-long main graphic. After applying some decal-setting solution and a lot of water, it slid right into place - the second one, that is. I messed up the first attempt and had to go back to my spare kit for another decal. The trick is to get it to sit just below the door handles. The other Toyota and sponsor decals went on easily.
I did have some problems during final assembly. The rest of the kit went together so well that it was hard to imagine the finished body and chassis would not fir together perfectly. The rear fit into its slots, but the front had to be stretched forward to get the pins and holes to line up, and when they were together the car didn't sit right. The frame was twisted to one side, the wheels didn't touch ground at the same time. The fender liners showed too.

After almost an hour of light modifications with no results, I had to cut a section behind the rear bumper and trim the front pins so the model would sit properly.

Aside from the few setbacks I've mentioned, this was a good build from start to finish, and I would recommend this kit to anybody. AMT/Ertl has done well with all of the extras. It's definitely a kit that I would build again, and with some modifications to the body, lowering the suspension, and adding some different wheels, this will be show winner - a must for your model shelf.


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