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AMT/Ertl #6 Pfizer Ford Taurus

February 2005
#6 Pfizer Ford Taurus
AMT/Ertl No. 38064
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene kit
Molded Colors: White, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $14.00
Pros: Crisp body molding, glass fit
Cons: Thick decals, several parts accuracy issues
Mark Martin has been a fixture in NASCAR racing for more than 15 years. The Viagra brand is usually on the #6 car, but it had Pfizer's logos on it at Rockingham in the spring of 2004.

The kit is molded nicely in white and clear styrene, with a tree of chrome parts and four vinyl tires. The decals are printed well, and include all of the car's graphics.

The chassis is a typical multipiece affair, with everything built from the floorpan/frame unit. The roll cage builds easily, but there's no padding molded to it and it is missing the "Earnhardt bar" that runs from the center of the dash to the top hoop. The bar can be made from plastic rod, but the padding will take some work.

Some of the interior duct hoses that run to the side quarter windows are included, but care must be taken to line them up with the windows. The racing seat is an older style that has only lap belts molded to it.

The two-piece dash is nicely done, with three hanging pedals and well-defined instrument rings. However, there is no instrument engraving, nor are decals provided for instruments.

The front and rear suspensions are well done. The suspensions have positive locating pins, resulting in a sturdy assembly. Each wheel is two parts, with a disc brake trapped between the wheel halves. Use care when attaching the wheel and tire units, so the brake calipers are positioned correctly.

The engine has a Chevy block and heads with Ford-style valve covers. Two intake manifolds are included; however, each has a distributor molded to the back, which is incorrect for a Ford.

Two oil pans are also included - a nice-looking Chevy-style pan and an rather plain one for the Ford. The engine is topped with a good-looking cowl-induction air cleaner.

The body is crisply molded and has separate hood and truck lids that fit well - so well that too much paint on the edges could cause fit problems later. A separate spoiler is included and features molded-in supports. The hood pins are a bit oversized, and there are none on the trunk.

All of the glass fits from the outside of the body, and it too fits well. However, there are no ducts on the quarter windows to match up with the hoses in the cockpit.

The fuel filler location is not accurate; I left mine black to try to hide it.

The decals did not seem to be affected by solvents too much. They were rather thick, but the white areas showed no bleed-through. The placement of some of the contingency decals does not match photos of the car as raced. However, there are Goodyear logos for tires and fenders.

I spend approximately 20 hours on my kit. It's not 100 percent accurate, but it was a pleasurable build. I would recommend this kit to any Mark Martin fan, or anyone who is looking to build a fun shelf model.


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