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Revell-Monogram Ford Focus SVT

April 2005
Ford Focus SVT Tuner Series
Revell-Monogram no. 2187
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene kit
Molded Colors: white, gray, black, clear red
Scale: 1/24
MSRP: $14.95
Pros: Parts fit, minimal flash
Cons: Soft etching, front wheels sit too far back

Tuners are here to stay. Revell-Monogram has been quick to pick up on this trend; the Ford Focus reviewed here is the latest release in its Tuner Series.

The moldings are crisp and free from all but the most minor flaws. The fit of the individual pieces and assemblies is far above average and would not give problems to anyone but the most novice of builders.

R-M has introduced a new axle style that is incorporated into this kit. A metal pin attaches the wheel hub to the suspension, and the wheel is glued to the hub. The tolerances are close enough to eliminate wobble but allow the wheel to turn.

This kit has one tip for the stock exhaust and two tips for the tuner version. Unfortunately, the tips mounting hole is too small. The builder can whittle the exhaust pipe mounting pin or enlarge the mounting hole in the tip.

The chassis/suspension assembly is very straightforward in construction, with a few minor exceptions.

The installation of the engine/front suspension is a bit on the "twitchy" side; I suggest a few dry runs before gluing.

The custom muffler rear mounting pin is too tall and does not allow the rear suspension to settle into its final position. I found it necessary to bend the rear pipe rather radically to obtain clearance between it and the rear crossmember.

Before gluing the rear suspension to the floor pan, check the fit of the mounting pins. My kit's pins were too big to fit completely into their holes, which could cause a nose-down attitude and the model may not sit flat on all four tires.

The interior builds without problems and is quite attractive when painted and detailed. Decals are included for the instrument face, radio faceplate, and gearshift knob.

Being a 2'n1 kit, Revell has included both a stock and custom interior. The custom interior includes nice front racing seats with five-point racing harnesses (included on the decal sheet). The rear seat can be replaced with an insert that includes three amps and two woofers.

There are minor problems with the engraving of the interior pieces. The side trim panels have crisp lines engraved into most of their surfaces, but the stock front seat harnesses are engraved so softly that portions of them disappear on some parts of the trim panel.

The floor pan also does not have any texture for the carpet; with the front seat pedestals and center console molded as part of the floor pan, it would be difficult to add flocking to alleviate the problem.

The instructions call for the front and rear bumper covers to be installed during final assembly. After checking the fit of the chassis to the body, I decided to glue the covers and rocker ground-effects panels to the body before painting. This makes for a cleaner build and lessens the chance of getting glue on the exterior.

The depth of the engraving around the doors and trim is inconsistent; some areas are nice and crisp, and others fade to almost nonexistent, so it's difficult to paint the black window trim.

During final assembly, I noticed that the front wheels sit too far back in the front wheel wells. Unless you're an advanced modeler, I suggest you live with this problem, because the fix would require extensive modification.

This kit is not as good as some 2004 Revell-Monogram releases, but it is still above average. If you're a fan of tuners, it's a must-have. I recommend this kit to anyone who is looking for an enjoyable kit to assemble.


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