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AMT/Ertl Coddington 1957 Chevy

December 2005
Coddington 1957 Chevy
AMT/Ertl No. 38251
Model Type: Injection-molded
Molded Colors: Gray, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $15.00
Pros: Good kit considering its age
Cons: Flash on bumpers; more to a Coddington than wheels

IN THIS DAY and age, when anyone into custom-built automobiles (and can afford the sometimes-steep price tag) wants a specially-built auto, they seek out a professional.

The list is long and illustrious across the country, with different garages that turn out these types of vehicles. Chip Foose, Steve's Auto Restoration, and the most popular today, Boyd Coddington, are just a few of the biggest names.

Based on the reputation and success of Boyd Coddington, AMT/Ertl has come forth with a line of models with the Boyd Coddington name attached to them. The kit under review here is the reissue of the 1957 Chevy.

It is a decent reissue, with lots of extra parts, depending on what variation you would like to build. The model comes with everything that is needed to build a stock '57 Chevy (minus tires and wheels) or all of the extra custom parts, including custom front-end treatment, rolled rear pan, and custom grille variations.

The body has good proportions with a little flash needing to be removed. The molding relief is very good, and holds up well - even after painting. That's important, because of the amount of foiling required on a 1957 Chevy.

There is also the custom front rolled pan and choice of two custom grille treatments, as well as custom rear rolled pan and custom taillight options. The stock chrome bumpers and grille are nice, considering the age of this kit, although I have always had a problem with the mold flash - it's almost impossible to remove from the sides of the bumpers without requiring the bumpers to be rechromed.

Another plus is the option of using either the stock small-block or the optional 409 engine.; two complete engines in one kit is a pretty good deal. The best part of the engine choices is the low-rise street blower setup that I believe was only available in this kit.

The chassis comes with fully chromed front and rear suspensions. The rear suspension features a one-piece unit with the leaf springs, rear-end housing, and driveshaft molded together. There are no shocks included.
The front suspension also includes a one-piece A-arm unit with separate spindles.

The only drawback to the chassis is the molded-in exhaust system.

The one new feature in this kit is the Boyd Coddington 20-inch wheels. They come with rubber-band tires with no sidewall detail. There are no stock tires and wheels included with the kit.

The paint used on this model was Plasti-kote two-part candy apple red. All of the chrome trim has been foiled and I added a flame decal on each side of the spear molding.

Overall, this is a really good kit considering the age of the mold and the number of times that it has been reissued. I like this kit, and would recommend it for anyone, but I do find it odd that AMT/Ertl would put Coddington's name on a kit and only add custom wheels to it. There is so much more to a Coddington custom than just wheels.


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