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Tamiya Takata Dome NSX

April 2007
Takata Dome NSX
Tamiya No. 24291
Model Type: Injection-molded
Molded Colors: White, black, clear
Scale: 1/24
MSRP: $50.00
Pros: Well-detailed interior; model goes together well
Cons: Lack of detail engraving; white decals not opaque; missing air restrictor

For the past decade, or so, Tamiya has produced kits from the most popular Japanese racing series, the Japanese GT Championship. The latest in this series of kits is the Takata Dome NSX from the 2005 racing season.

This kit is identical to the Raybrig, Epson, and Arta versions that were released previously.

The kit is flawlessly molded in white, black and clear plastic. Also included is mesh screen for the grille, tire lettering transfers, and a decal sheet printed by Cartograf. Continuing the trend of Tamiya's recent car kits, a prepainted metal undertray is also present.

The body captures the wide look of the NSX well, with the edges of the body at an acceptable scale thickness.

The rear portions of the front fenders are separate pieces that require some bodywork to make the seams disappear, which is a necessity, because the 1:1 car does not have a seam in that location. The vents in the nose of the car are separate parts, too, but they fit like a glove.

The air scoop on the rear deck is split down the middle, creating more bodywork. Tamiya missed the air restrictor that should be present, though.

The Takata NSX's striking green-fading-to-white color scheme is helped by the decal sheet, which provides the fading between the two colors on it. However, the white is not as opaque as it could be, leaving some dark spots on the finished model in areas where they cover the green.

Being that this is a curbside kit, Tamiya left a big space at the rear of the model - making it too easy to see that there's nothing inside.

The interior is well-detailed. The racing seat and dash are particularly nice. Some extra time with a detail brush really pays dividends here.

The chassis is quite simplified, which is okay because you cannot see much of it anyway. What is there goes together well, and is sturdy. My car sat level on the first try.

My biggest concern about this kit is the almost complete lack of detail engraving present. The biggest place where this stands out is the brake rotors. They are smooth, with absolutely no detail to them whatsoever. Luckily for me, Tamiya saw fit to send along its photoetched detail set for this car.

Editor's note: This is not part of the standard kit. We included it in this review because both products were released at the same time.

Included on the fret were faces for the rotors, which contain the detail that should have been molded to them.

Also in the etched parts are bodywork latches and a very nicely done set of seatbelt hardware. Seatbelt material is included too.

This kit did go together well; however, the lack of detail engraving did lessen the enjoyment of building it. Buying an extra photoetch set to add detail that we used to get in the kit does not "do it" for me.


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