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Testor Lincoln Mint Harley-Davidson Road King

June 2007
Harley-Davidson Road King
Testor/Lincoln Mint No. 7222
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene and metal parts
Molded Colors: Black, clear
Scale: 1/6
MSRP: $89.99
Pros: Minimal painting required; prepainted parts done well
Cons: Instructions need more detail; gloss on side covers doesn't match other parts

This kit represents the 2005 Harley- Davidson Road King touring motorcycle. Upon opening the box, two thoughts immediately came to mind: this kit is huge; and there is a lot of chrome here.

The kit is comprised of a mixture of black, clear, and chrome-plated plastic parts, chrome metal parts, and pre-painted diecast pieces. Also included are vinyl covers for the seat and saddlebags, black tubing for spark plug and brake lines, and an assortment of screws.

Assembly begins with the engine, which is prepainted in black with silver fins, and screws together. The gearbox is next, and features a working gearshift, complete with return spring, and a cogged vinyl drive belt.

Sparkplugs and wires are added (all of the wiring requires pushing the tubing into predrilled holes - which provides a less-positive fit than forcing them over a male tab, as with most other motorcycle kits I've built).

The frame is supplied in black prepainted halves that screw together. Assembling the frame halves with the engine, gearbox, and rear fender will test your patience, trying to keep everything aligned when you're adding the screws.

All of the prepainted parts are done well, with the exception of the silver side covers - which weren't clearcoated and don't match the gloss of the other body panels. You are locked into silver body panels, because the insignias are already applied to the panels. If you were to strip the covers and repaint them in your selected color, you would have to do without the insignias.

The chrome parts have noticeable mold lines, and will require repair of sprue-attachment points after cutting. I used a silver Sharpie, but it really doesn't match the chrome very well. Testor did a good job of placing the sprue-attachment points in less-visible areas whenever possible.

A prepainted whitewall insert snaps between the tire and spoke wheel. One of the inserts fit a little too loose, and required gluing to remain in place. The tires are molded well, and have realistic tread patterns.

Assembly of the front end of the bike goes fairly smoothly. A nice windshield with preinstalled metal frame is supplied. All of the reflectors, brake, and turn signal light lenses are prepainted too.

The saddlebags are constructed from plastic parts, which are then covered with preformed vinyl parts for a realistic leather appearance. Tie-down belts, with buckles and attachment rivets, finish the assembly.

The weakest part of the kit is the instructions, which consist of black-and- white assembly photos. Some of the photos are so dark that it is difficult to tell what is required.

The instructions also include photos of the kit parts laid out on their sprues prior to assembly, which is helpful when you need to locate the parts later, during assembly.

All in all, this is a pretty good kit. The box states "no painting required," which is pretty much true. The only painting that I did was to highlight some bolt heads (silver) and add background color to the front and rear fender emblems (red). Don't lose any of the screws, because there are no extras provided.

This is no overnight project; I spent 14 hours working on it (with no painting). When complete, the Road King makes for an impressively large (and impressively heavy) display piece.


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