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Fujimi Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40
Fujimi No. 123219
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: Red, black, clear
Scale: 1/24
MSRP: $30.95
Pros: Simple kit with low parts count that's an enjoyable build; ride height looks good
Cons: Engine colors incorrect; window glass a bit cloudy; incorrect door mirrors
This has been a banner year for the Ferrari model fan, and Fujimi has been especially strong. Almost all of its Ferrari kits have been reissued, and many new kits as well.

Its latest release of the F40 is a modified reissue of the original kit with the only difference being the addition of the 60th-anniversary relay decals.

The kit is what I would call a "curbside plus" in that the engine is visible under the rear window, so additional parts are required to show the top of the engine compartment.

It's still a pretty simple kit, with approximately 70 parts total.

The rolling chassis consists of a flat pan for the main chassis, with the lower suspension arms molded in place. The simplified front suspension consists of one piece for the upper A-arms, tie rod, front uprights, and separate brake discs.

The wheels are chrome-plated, with separate wheel nuts and some beautiful Pirelli P-Zero tires. Pay close attention to the instructions, as there is an inner/outer tread pattern on the tires.

The rear suspension is much the same, but the brake discs are molded as one piece with the rear uprights, which makes detail-painting more difficult.

The upper half of the engine is added next. Check your reference material for painting, as I think the instructions have some incorrect color guides here. My reference showed the intake manifold to be aluminum instead of flat black, as called out.

Only one minor fit problem here; the pipes from the waste gate didn't quite match up to their mates.

The interior is a 13-piece assembly, starting with a basic floor pan. The instructions call out a paint mix to try to reproduce the bare carbon-fiber of the 1:1 car, and it's really not very convincing. I suggest your favorite brand of carbon-fiber decal instead.

I would have preferred that the seat belts were not molded into the seats, but they can be made to look respectable. Decals are provided for the belts, but for only one seat, so I left them off.

Decals are also provided for the instruments, but there is a lot of excess carrier film that must be trimmed off before they can be applied.

The one-piece main body is nicely molded, with only minimal cleanup needed to remove mold lines. A very fine metal screen is provided for the openings in the rear deck and nose, along with a template for cutting. I used a black permanent marker to color the screen, as I thought painting would just clog up the very fine mesh.

The window glass fits well, but is not exceptionally clear; a little polishing and a coat of Future might help here.

The kit-supplied door mirrors appear to be incorrect. All the references I have show that they should attach to the top of the doors, rather than the side windows as provided.

Headlights and headlight covers, taillights, and the lower rear fascia with oil coolers complete the body. European and US-style license-plate holders are supplied, if you are so inclined.

The body snaps over the chassis easily and fits exceptionally well. No gluing is necessary, and the ride height looks just right to me.

This was a very enjoyable build. If you are a Ferrari or sports car fan, or you're just looking for a quick build, I highly recommend this kit.


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