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FROM THE August 2009 ISSUE

Revell 1968 Mustang GT

1968 Mustang GT
Revell No. 85-4215
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, clear, black
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: See dealer
Pros: Cool new parts for dressing up an AMT 1967 Mustang
Cons: Interior parts; proportioning; more fit problems than in other Revell diecast-derived kits.
Let's address a few issues with this kit, right from the start:

It has metal axles front and rear - the front, passing through holes in the engine block. Not exactly welcome, but not too distressing. They're an artifact of nine-year-old diecast tooling, not some new design trend at Revell.

Then there are the one-piece front and rear suspension pieces, the simplified FE doubling as a 390 or 428, and the visible pin spots in various lenses - again, artifacts of the original diecast-bodied kit. None too surprising.

What is surprising is that you get the interior pieces from Revell's 1967 GT500 diecast kit, instead of the proper 1968 pieces from the original Bullitt/American Dreams 1968 diecast kits. This mixup has consequences beyond the merely cosmetic, as we'll soon see.
Revell does gamely attempt to spice the kit up with new parts. There's a comprehensive decal sheet with C-stripes in black and white, black hood graphics for the 390 GT or a street 428 CJ variation, and a decent start at the graphics for the Tasca Mustangs that got the whole 428 CJ program off the ground. A new, smooth hood and scoop accompany the original, faux-vented GT hood.

The rear leaf springs have shock mounts now, with shorter shocks for the street version, and longer ones to go with suspension risers for the drag version.

There are some decent two-piece headers and a flap-induction air cleaner thrown in for the Cobra Jet variation, a roll cage, and a new piece depicting a folded rear seat. Some new Cragars are included on the chrome tree for the drag version's front wheels, and a pair of steel wheels for the rear mysteriously includes molded grease caps. There are new side-view mirrors and backup lights to use for whatever version you choose.

In addition, most of the Bullitt kit - the wheels, the blanked-out grille, everything except the correct interior, really - is included.

Unfortunately, the proportioning oddities of the original diecast body survive intact. There's a slight hump in the greenhouse profile as it transitions to the C-pillars; the 1:1 (and AMT's '67 Mustang) is smoother here.

Though the newly separated front clip shows some small improvements, it still betrays a compromised grille shape.

The fender arches seem reversed:higher over the rear wheels, and lower over the fronts. There's also no getting past the slightly slab-sided hallmark of this kit's diecast origins, and the separate rear fascia piece doesn't line up well with the lower rear quarters, particularly on the passenger's side.

Remember that mixup on the interior parts? There are hood-hinge retainers molded toward the front of each separate interior side panel. Because the hinge arrangement was different for the 1967 Shelby kit, these retainers are far beefier than those on the 1968, and they create interference problems for the entire interior bucket. Grind them carefully, leaving just enough to trap the hinges.

A few other nits pop up. The black C-stripes don't seem as sharply resolved as the white ones, and if you want to use the cursive "Mustang" front-fender decals, you don't have a standard, non-GT front grille to go with them. The fit of the transparent window piece could be a little more agreeable. But ultimately, the interior is the real deal-breaker; with correct parts, this kit would be easier to recommend.


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