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AMT 1925 Model T Ford

AMT 1925 Model T Ford
1925 Model T Ford
Round 2/AMT No. AMT626
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $22.99
Pros: Nice box art; plenty of building options; good packaging
Cons: Tooling shows its age in some places; some large attachment points
Stock T
T Chopped Coupe
Round 2 has once again dug through the AMT archives and has reissued a classic kit that has not been around for a while.  

Like the Double Dragster kit that I reviewed in a previous issue, the 1925 Model T has two complete kits in one box. There are multiple building variations for each model.  

One can only be built as a stock Model T, with the choice of a roadster with a turtledeck or a pickup.  

The hot rod version gives the choices of a chopped coupe, roadster, or roadster pickup – with a Lincoln V-8.

This kit was engineered in the early 1960s, and has not been reissued very many times. However, the tooling does show its age in spots.  

There was some flash on some of the parts and the mold lines – especially on some of the smaller parts, which was annoying. Some of the attachment points between the parts and the sprue were unusually large, which sometimes clouded the line between where the sprue ended and the part began.

The chrome plating was flawless in my kit, with the Moon discs even being wrapped separately to minimize damage.
Stock T
Stock T
I built the stock “T” first, thinking that it would be easier than the hot rod version; I was wrong. The attachment points for most of the frame and suspension parts all needed some serious filing and reshaping to get them to fit they way I thought that they should.  

Luckily, Model T frames are not very complicated; after I got everything where I wanted it, it did sit level – even thought I did put the front axle on backward!  

The stock “T” engine is made up of only six pieces, but they went together well. The engraving on the engine does look good after all these years.

The body and interior went together quite easily, but I did find the placement of the steering column to be a bit tricky. 

T Chopped Coupe
T Chopped Coupe
Contrary to the stock version, the hot rod version that I built went together with nary a problem. I chose to build the Competition Coupe version, rather than the Street Roadster.  

The Lincoln engine is fairly well detailed, and gives the builder the option of a Latham blower or a triple-carb setup.  

All of the suspension parts, except the rear axle tubes, are chrome-plated giving the model plenty of “bling.”

The fact that they fit together well is icing on the cake. The only real problem I had was getting the wheels to fit inside the tires.  There is a rib on the inside of each tire that needed to be removed before they would slip onto the wheels.  

The interior is Spartan, as it should be for a competition-type car. I chose to go with the clear windows instead of the optional red-tinted ones; I did not think the red would go well with the purple body. The unfortunate thing about picking purple for the paint is that none of the decals on the beautifully printed sheet would go with the color.  

I have never owned any of the previous issues of this kit, so I cannot compare what is in this one compared to the last. All of the building options are nice, and make it easy for the builder to really personalize their models.

The vintage box art is very cool, as is the care that Round 2 has taken in packaging the parts.

I recommend this kit to a modeler who wants to take a trip down memory lane; I would not recommend it to an inexperienced builder. Maybe someday I will get another one, just to build the Street Roadster hot rod version.


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