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FROM THE February 2011 ISSUE

Revell 1966 Chevy Impala SS

Revell 1966 Chevy Impala SS
1966 Chevy Impala SS
Revell No. 85-4250
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, black, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: See dealer
Pros: Outstanding subject matter. Great kit
Cons: Exhaust flash; sideview mirrors too tall
Revell’s new 1966 Impala SS has been one of the missing links in our Chevy chain for a long time. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard about its arrival, and quickly grabbed two of the kits.

As soon as I got them home, I checked them against Revell’s 1965 Impala and one of my personal original AMT 1966s; they aren’t the same. I thought maybe someone had used the 1965 molds and revised them. No sir: it’s new tooling.

1966 Chevy Impala SS
I always prefit and check parts for mold marks and flash. The mold-separation marks are light, and are hidden well. They were across the corners of the fenders, and are eliminated quickly with a light sanding. There was a sneaky one at the rear deck near the trunk corner and taillight housing; I found it after the body was in primer.

The Turbojet 396 engine is well-proportioned and well-detailed. It has a separate power steering pump, alternator, and air-conditioning compressor. The fan belt system is one piece. I was surprised that there were no chrome-plated engine parts.

Another surprise is the suspension systems. The nine-piece front and 11-piece rear are subassemblies to be inserted into the chassis. We come to expect that with rear suspensions, but not with the front. With this one, you assemble it as a unit, then insert it into the frame.
The coil springs are molded in halves and are inserted into the crossmember. The upper A frames are separate too.

Be careful when you assemble the front part of the differential; it will fit upside-down on the axle housing, but the drive shaft wont align to it. Guess how I know that?

The chassis is one piece, with open frame rails and transmission crossmember in the front.

The kit has a dual exhaust system, with a muffler on each side, no resonators, and the tailpipes are molded with indentations at the tips.

The interior tub is a platform type, with separate side panels and a two-part dashboard. There are more chrome-plated parts for the interior than there are for any other part of the car.

The firewall attaches to the tub, and has a separate master cylinder with brake booster.
Revell 1966 Chevy Impala SS
The windshield and backlight glass fit well, if you don’t put the paint on too heavily. If you regularly use Bare-Metal Foil, be careful: the engraving around the windshield and backlight is very thin, not very deep, and can easily be lost in the paint.

The engine compartment has good detail, with separate battery, air-conditioning hoses, and water bottle. The lower air-conditioning hose needs to be installed when the directions suggest it, or you won’t be able to install it during final assembly.

Tires are the great blackwall, no-markings type that we’ve all come to know and love. Whitewall decals are provided, if you want to use them. I especially like the SS wheel covers with spinners.

The decal sheet is pretty good. It has color scripts and pinstriping, The body has script engraved, but the decals look better.

All in all, I think this is a great kit, and I recommend that all Chevy nuts like me should get a couple. You won’t be disappointed.


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