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Monogram Ice 'T'

Monogram Ice T
Ice ‘T’
Monogram No. 85-4266
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: Yellow, clear
Scale: 1/24
MSRP: $22.96
Pros: Largely unchanged from original kit
Cons: Tricky final assembly of chassis to body; dashboard location underneath body
Ice blocks
The newest reissue of Monogram’s Tom Daniel Ice ‘T’ is mostly unchanged since the original 1970 issue.

The wild design is still molded in yellow; however, it is a much brighter hue than the original. The chrome tree is beautifully plated, and has held up well.  The tires are done nicely, although the rear wrinkle-slicks are molded in two pieces. The front tires no longer have Goodyear scripting on the sidewalls.  

The two ice blocks are the only clear parts in the kit, and did need a little cleanup.

The 14-piece engine is supposed to represent a Chevy 396 Rat. It goes together smoothly, but the seam in the center of the engine block/transmission after assembly will need attention. The chrome intake manifold and carburetors also suffer from this issue. 

The top pulley (not the alternator pulley) used to have engraved detail; now it’s flat, and you can see marks where the detail was removed.
Monogram Ice T bottom
The chassis assembly begins with the all-chrome, six-piece quick-change rear axle. The completed axle looks nice, and installs easily with four chrome shocks and two chrome radius rods. 

The body is unchanged since the original issue, and the only real need for cleanup is the small mold lines where the roof sides meet the rear quarter-panels. 

The headlights are the model’s only operating feature, and they install easily. The only issue is that they do not fit centered in the holes cut into the body. 

The large chrome two-piece fuel tanks for both sides of the car are plated nicely, but instead of placing them on the body in step 4 as the instructions state, I recommend gluing them in place in the final step, after the front wheels/tires have been installed.
Monogram Ice T
The eight-piece interior is simple, but looks nice when the model is complete.  The bench seat, floor, and dashboard are molded as one piece that glues to the top of the chassis plate. The chassis plate also acts as the bed for the two ice blocks behind the seat.  

One little nit that I have with the interior is that it does not match the design on the box art. According to the design, the dash is supposed to fit flush with the body; however, after assembly, it’s pushed far underneath the body.

Final assembly is a little bit difficult.  I tried multiple times to glue the chassis to the body before I finally got it to stay. A little glue around the rear fenders and along the nose will work best to hold the chassis in place. The axles also had to have a little plastic removed for the wheels to fit properly. 

The decals have changed. There are no Hot Wheels® logos; the ice block and water drops are now outlined in black; and there is a small ® in the bottom-right corner of the ice block. The Fram, Valvoline, Autolite, and Zoom contingency decals are unchanged, and two Monogram logos are included. 


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