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FROM THE August 2011 ISSUE

Trumpeter 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint hardtop

Trumpter 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint hardtop
1964 Ford Falcon Sprint hardtop
Trumpeter No. 02507
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $49.99
Pros: Attractive appearance; more detail than AMT kit
Cons: Price; some vague/missing details, inaccurate stock exhaust
Trumpeter 1964 Ford Falcon engine
Trumpeter's new 1964 Falcon Sprint HT has far more detail than an original AMT Falcon annual kit, with a parts count slightly higher than a typical modern Revell kit.

The engine block is molded with what looks like a two-speed Fordomatic transmission. The transmission pan detail is blank, and the oil pan is a bit squared-off.

The stock intake manifold has simplified engraving, missing six of the eight intake runners; the stock air cleaner looks somewhat generic; and the carburetor is offset to one side. The custom intake manifold and choices of Cobra or twin chrome air cleaners looks much better, and there are custom "Cobra" valve covers too.

Despite the issues, the finished engine looks nice - especially with the custom parts.
Trumpter 1964 Ford Falcon 2
The chassis pan has a separate front subframe. The front inner fenders, firewall, and radiator support assemble to the subframe, and are nicely detailed.

The chassis pan has somewhat indifferent detail; the illustrations in the instructions look good, but the engraving is a bit weak. The rear wheel wells look somewhat wider than stock - almost tubbed. The stock exhaust system is incorrect, from the missing crossover to routing it down the wrong side of the car. The custom dual exhaust looks more authentic, and is what I installed on my model.

The front suspension and steering looks a bit simplified, and there is no engine crossmember or engine mounts, so installing the engine was vague and the air cleaner kept the hood from closing.
Trumpeter 1964 Ford Falcon 3
The hollow rubber tires have good tread detail and some sidewall detail.

The interior is well-detailed, with decals for instruments and the center of the steering wheel. Separate side panel detail is nice, down to delicate lock buttons for the doors. Oddly, the interior features a manual floor shift and brake and clutch pedals, for an automatic-equipped car.

The seats are well-engraved, but their appearance is a bit "stiff" and blocky.

The body looks a bit squared-off; Trumpeter seemed to miss some of its subtle shapes.
Assembly was average; many parts went together with ease, though I had issues with engine accessories and a few chassis items. Overall finished appearance is quite attractive, and modern extras help make the finished model look sharp.

Even with an attractive appearance, the flaws and omissions are disappointing on a kit with so much potential - not helped by the fact the AMT annual nails the body shapes.

It appears the basic design of the kit started out strong, but execution leaves more questions than answers.

I'm happy with the look of the model, but I expect a bit more from a model with a premium price tag.


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