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AMT 1925 Model T Ford

AMT 1925 Ford Model T
1925 Model T Ford
AMT No. AMT670/12
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, black
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $24.99
Pros: Great value; return of long-missing stock coupe body
Cons: Heavy flash on some parts; no correct seat for a stock coupe.

AMT’s 1925 Ford Model T “Trophy Series” double kit is one of the hobby’s true classics, and, thankfully, Round 2 has treated it as such.

In 2008, Round 2 restored the kit to true “2-in-1” status by returning the chopped coupe body; this time, the long-missing stock “phone booth” five-window coupe body returns. It was originally created for a dealer promotional kit.

The coupe body can be used to build a stock or hot rod T. The kit also contains parts to build an open-topped car, in stock or rodded form. Also provided are a pair of pickup beds – one stock length and one shortened – and a “turtle” deck, making a wide array of building versions possible.

A number of hot rod parts that were not in the 2008 issue, including a beer keg fuel tank, a six-carb intake setup for the Lincoln engine, and a button-tufted interior insert are present this time too.  

The Tall T body is beautifully molded, with a near-total absence of parting lines, flash, and ejector-pin marks. I can’t verify this, but it may have been produced from a new mold.

In contrast, the roadster body in my sample kit had some issues. There was a heavy ridge of excess plastic on the inner surface that I had to grind away with a motor tool before the interior would fit. Some of the other parts had heavy flash, although it wasn’t bad for a kit released more than 50 years ago.

I chose to build my models as they are depicted on the box top: a rodded roadster and a stock T coupe. I experienced no major assembly problems with either.

One easy modification you’ll want to make to both is to eliminate the highly visible metal front axles. I cut small pieces from the metal parts, and using them as stub axles, inserted them into the mounting bosses in the backs of the wheels. I mounted the wheels to the ends of the plastic axles with 5-minute epoxy.

One minor disappointment is the lack of a correct seat for a stock coupe. The stock seat in the kit is intended for use with the roadster, although it will also fit in the coupe interior. This isn’t Round 2’s fault; the kit has never had one.

The four-cylinder engine is simplified, consisting of only six pieces, but looks good with some detail-painting.

I chose an old-school paint for my street rod T: Testor’s Metalflake Purple enamel, thinned and applied with an airbrush. The interior and pickup bed cover are Testor’s One Coat White Lightning, and the engine is One Coat Pure Gold.

On the stock T, most of the parts are painted Testor’s Model Master Lacquer Black. The wheel spokes are brush-painted Testor’s Leather; I picked out the wheel detail with a silver Sharpie.
With two complete models in one box, this kit provides great value. With a minimal time investment, it also will provide you with a couple of great-looking display pieces.


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