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AMT 1951 Chevy Fleetline

1951 Chevy Fleetline
AMT No. A702-200
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $45.99
Pros: Good detail and instructions; clean molding
Cons: Visible mold seams on chrome parts; fit problems in two small areas
To commemorate Chevrolet’s 100th anniversary, AMT offers the 1951 Chevrolet Fleetline, boxed in an attractive 10x14 collectible tin.

Also included is an 18-page booklet from that era, and metal foil for chrome body moldings.  

This kit may be assembled in one of two ways: stock or custom.

Normally I would choose to build the stock version for a kit review; however, after looking through the instructions, I decided to build the custom version. It was unique, and renders the smooth lines of this classic vehicle. 
Stock and custom versions of the six-cylinder engine consist of approximately 25 parts, and fit together nicely.  

The only noticeable seam is on the transmission halves, and that can be easily fixed with your favorite filler.    

The kit offers stock wheels, tires and accurate hubcaps, as well as Baby Moons and wider Goodyear tires for the custom version.   

The chrome sprue was nicely molded, and the plating was clean and to scale.  The only drawback was the mold seam lines on the outside of the bumpers.  

The interior had 13 parts and went  together easily with no fit problems.  However, the door panel engraving   seemed a little vague and lacking in scale detail.  

The chassis is well molded and seems to be accurate. You will need to remove a few injection mold pin marks and a few trademark letters.  

The front suspension consists of eight parts that are cleanly molded and fit to the chassis nicely.  

The rear suspension is made up of five parts, including the drive shaft and shocks, and matches up well to the rear of the chassis.  

The dual exhaust system for the custom version presented the only major problem: the pipe from the rear of the car to the muffler is too short by approximately ¼ inch. I had to extend it using Evergreen rod.  

The inside fender wells and radiator fit to the body nicely, with somewhat vague detailing molded in.  

The body with all stock parts is cleanly molded, with only a few seams that are easily cleaned up.  

All of the chrome trim and body moldings seem to scale and accurate. The mold seam behind the quarter windows is the most noticeable, and takes a little extra time to remove.  

The custom body parts fit nicely giving a great 1950s custom look, and I chose to I removed much of the chrome trim for this  version.   

The kit only includes decals for the custom version and does not include license plates, so you will need to venture into your parts/decals stash for those items.  

The 1951 Chevy is a fun kit to build.  I recommend it for anyone’s collection.  

Happy 100th, Chevy!


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