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Revell 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

1970 Plymouth Road Runner
Revell No. 85-0892
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, clear
Scale: 1/24
MSRP: $15.99
Pros: Overall good fit; surprisingly little flash
Cons: Poorly detailed taillight and rear chassis-to-body mounting; stance is a bit high
This is a reissue of the Revell-Monogram Road Runner that goes back some time. Given the age of the molds, my copy had surprisingly little flash and mold marks.  

The engine is a 440 six-pack, popular in early-1970s hot rods. The 16-piece engine fits together well and yields a great big-block look in the engine bay. 
The only noticeable seam lines run from the oil pan to the rear of the transmission. This problem is easily cured with your favorite filler.  

The engine mounts realistically to the chassis at three points.  

The bottom of the chassis is well engraved. The K member and front suspension are one unit, and fit well to the chassis. The rear suspension and exhaust system are one unit, and also match up to the chassis with no problems.  

The tires have great tread pattern but lack sidewall detail. You have a choice of two wheel styles: the classic Mopar star-type or the slotted wheels with dog-dish hubcaps.

The interior consists of eight pieces, including separate pedals and pistol-grip four-speed shifter. The dash and separate door panels are a little vague in detail, but look okay in the finished interior. I really liked the unique look of the bench seat.

The engine bay is molded into the body, with a separate radiator and bulkhead.  

The taillight assembly is a separate body piece; be careful, because the rear bumper attaches to this piece. If it is not attached in the right spot, the rear bumper will not fit.  

The body mold lines are easily removed with 400- or 600-grit sandpaper. All body moldings and trim are smooth, and appear to be to scale. The grille and front bumper fit nicely to the body, with no problems.

The hood scoop can be open or closed. I chose to have the scoop open to show off the decals and the top part of the breather.  

The window and interior pan fit inside the body easily and with no gaps.  

The body attaches to the chassis at the bottom engine bay area, and at the rear of the interior tub.  

There are no attachment points behind the rear wheels and the back of the car, so the stance is a touch high.

The last items to mount are the power booster/brake master cylinder, radiator hose, and sideview mirrors.  

The decal sheet has several stock variations, as well as a set of custom stripes. The side marker lights are a nice addition, and are opaque.  

If you choose the black Mopar stripe for the center of the hood, as I did, be patient with the decal (and yourself) and have plenty of your favorite setting solution on hand.    

I really enjoyed building this kit, given its age. I highly recommend this kit to any classic muscle-car collector.


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