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Tamiya Red Bull Racing Renault RB6

Renault RB6
Red Bull Racing Renault RB6
Tamiya No. 20067
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: Black, gray
Scale: 1/20
MSRP: $105.00
Pros: Parts fit; decals
Cons: Engine cover difficult to install
As a tribute to possibly the second-best driver of the modern F1 era, I built my RB6 as driven by Sebastian Vettel.

Assembly begins with the main tub. As with Tamiya’s Ferrari F60 kit, the tub is molded as one piece.

Two steering wheels and two paddle shifters are provided. Tamiya also provides photoetched seat belt hardware and adhesive-backed belts for the seat; there is also a decal for the seat belts.  

The overhead air intake is molded as two pieces.   

The front suspension is only a ten-piece affair, and builds directly onto the tub assembly. All of the pieces fit well, and the final appearance is top-notch.

Next up is assembly of the 2,400cc Renault Sport Formula One powerplant. Combined with the rear suspension parts, 30 pieces make up the assembly, and most of them fit together effortlessly. Before you glue the engine halves together, be sure to trap the small gray poly caps between the halves. Those poly caps are a vital part of installing the rear wing later.

The rear suspension builds well and looks awesome when it is finished. The exterior side panels, which weave their ways through the suspension arms, must be lined up with the chassis pan. It is extra work, but it is nothing to fret over.

The chassis pan builds up from eight pieces. The 1:1 car featured a unique carbon-fiber weave pattern on the top side of the chassis pan, and luckily Tamiya included it on the decal sheet.  

After the engine and radiators are mounted to the chassis pan, it is time to join the finished tub to the chassis. The tub is mounted to the chassis by only three small locator tabs hidden by the radiators and engine, and by another spot underneath the driver’s seat.      

You will have to do a little bit more seam filling when you assemble the three piece nose cone. The bottom half of the nose cone is also a three-piece unit.  

The large front wing may look a bit intimidating to build, but it is actually easy. The separate wing elements mount to the main wing element and the end plates.     

The engine cover consists of six pieces. It is a little difficult and even nerve-wracking when installing the engine cover to the car. You have to spread it over the radiators and snap it under the side exhaust covers. I would have preferred a one-piece engine cover.

The rear wing builds easily, and really sets the car off.  

The tires represent the Bridgestone slicks used by all F1 competitors in the 2010 season. The wheels are the correct O.Z. Racing wheels.

The true star of the kit is the decal sheet, which is printed by Cartograf.  The red, blue, and silver stripes have metallic blue fill between the colors, which matches the paint color. All of the decals follow the complex contours of the body well, without any extra persuasion.     

Tamiya has even created a new TS paint color specifically for this model.  The new color will be TS-89 Pearl Blue. Unfortunately, at the time of my build, the color was not yet in the US, so I used Tamiya’s TS-50 Mica Blue instead. Mica Blue is a close to the color of the 1:1 cars.

The Red Bull RB6 F1 car from Tamiya is a welcome addition to the hobby shop shelves. I don’t think they could have picked a better subject for a modern F1 car


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