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AMT 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery

1940 Ford Sedan Delivery
1940 Ford Sedan Delivery
AMT No. AMT769/12
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, black
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $22.99
Pros: Engine options; nice decals
Cons: Flash and injector-pin marks on interior parts
Southern California-based Gene Winfield has been in the custom-car-building part of the automotive business for more than 60 years.

During the mid-1960s, his designs caught the attention of the film community, resulting in a large body of his work being seen on screen.

His designs have appeared in a number of TV shows and movies from the early 1960s to the late 1980s. Some notables being the Piranha car from The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Catwoman’s ride in the TV series Batman, and the 6000 SUX from RoboCop, just to name a few. He also was the creator of the Galileo 7 shuttlecraft on the original Star Trek TV series.  

In 1962 Winfield joined AMT as a consultant style designer for its model kits. AMT's rerelease of the 1940 Ford Sedan delivery is of the many kits Gene designed.

There are three variations of the engine: stock Flathead, a Buick Nailhead, and a Buick drag engine.  

The Flathead and hotrod Buick Nailhead engine each consist of nine pieces, and despite the age of the molds, go together well with no problems.

Take care when removing the chrome valve covers and other chrome engine parts from the chrome tree; the injection points sit a little high into the parts.  

There are three types of wheels/rims in the kit, stock which includes chrome wheel rings and dog-dish hubcaps, chrome custom wheel covers, and a nice set of Keystone mag wheels. In addition to the stock tires, a nice set of M&H drag slicks is included.

The chassis consists of eleven pieces including metal axles, custom dual exhausts or drag headers, and features an option of stock or chrome-plated front straight axle.  

The interior has 13 pieces and options for a Moon tank, roll bar, and custom shifter for the drag version.

The biggest drawbacks to building the interior were the injector-pin marks in the floorboard of the bed and the vague detail on the inside door panels.   

The interior parts in my copy contained a good amount of flash on the dash, steering column, and steering wheel. After spending a little time cleaning this up, all of the parts fit into the interior with no problems.  

The two-piece body had several mold lines that were very easily removed and fit together nicely.  

Be careful when removing the clear parts from their sprue – especially the windshield. The joint on this part sits just high enough that if not removed carefully, it can leave a noticeable blemish on the passenger’s-side window.  

The kit includes a stock grille and a drag panel, some nice spotlights, and stock and custom bumpers. I chose the custom bumpers and the Keystone mags for a nice rod look.  

The rear door is a separate piece, but lacks any type of hinges.   

The kit includes a nice set of decals for the custom and drag versions. They are quite opaque and lay down smoothly, with no need to apply setting solution.

The body fits nicely to the chassis and has a nice stance for a custom rod.  

This was a fun kit to build, and I recommend it to any hot rod or custom car fan, because it offers lots of potential for your imagination.


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