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Fujimi McLaren MP4/12C GT3

McLaren MP4/12C GT3
Fujimi No. 12555
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, black, clear
Scale: 1/24
MSRP: $59.95
Pros: Parts fit; tires molded well
Roll cage assembly a bit fiddly; upper portion of engine molded into tub
Fujimi has blessed us sports car racing aficionados with several of the current contestants in GT3 competition. 
This is a curbside kit, although there is some engine detail visible through the rear window.  

Body parts are molded in white, chassis and interior are molded in black, and there is a small tree of chrome- plated parts, for a total of 98 pieces.  All trees are bagged separately.  Also included is a templated mask for the window trim, but it is not diecut.

The chassis plate is pretty much a flat plate with the front and rear lower suspension arms molded in place. The rear diffuser is well done, with the vanes molded nice and thin. Inner wheel wells and upper suspension arms are separate pieces and practically snap into place.
The front wheels are poseable, and the fit of the pins is precise so be cautious of paint buildup in the holes.
The brake calipers and discs are individual parts.

The wheels have good molded hub detail and even include the valve stems. The rubber slick tires are well molded, with minimal seams to clean up. Dry transfers for the Michelin logos are provided, thankfully with a couple of spares in case you mess one up, as I did.

The interior starts with a basic tub for the cockpit and engine bay. Electronic boxes and foot pedals are molded into the interior floor along with some center console switch detail.

The roll cage is a five-part assembly and is a little bit fiddly; some of the mounting pins are small. It’s probably easiest to use the interior tub as a fixture during assembly to assure that everything stays straight and properly aligned.

The seat and fire suppression bottle are the only other parts to the basic interior.  Both are well done but the seat could use some belts to dress it up.  

The dashboard is six pieces and features good molded detail, but will need some detail painting to really finish it off.  

The upper portion of the engine is molded into the tub, and although it’s pretty well molded, it makes masking and painting a bit of a chore; there are some small nooks and crannies. A separate part would have made things much easier.  

The body is by far the most complex part of the model. The main body is three pieces, with the door panels and lower rear quarters ahead of the wheels being separate from the upper body. My guess is this simplifies the mold and makes it easier to produce the deep coves on the sides of the car. The intricate intake ducting on the sides of the car is four pieces, and fit here is nearly perfect.  

I wish they would have made a separate taillight section and front grilles, just to make painting a little easier.

The grilles in the front do have a scribe line on the inside of the body, making me believe there will be a photoetched detail set in the future.  

The only tweaks I made in the body were to open up the holes for the tow hooks, and I drilled and pinned the mirrors for support.  

The windshield and side windows are molded together and snap into place, although it was a tight fit.

The decals are well printed and are thin, but cover well. Finish is a little on the dull side, so a clear coat is probably in order. I had no ill effects using Testor’s clear lacquer over them.

The build went extremely well throughout, and makes a great-looking replica of one of today's hottest race cars.


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