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Aoshima Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R
Aoshima No. 008072
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: Prepainted
Scale: 1/24
MSRP: $49.95
Pros: All parts prepainted; detail-painting done well
Cons: Some mold lines visible; body paint somewhat inconsistent
In the same vein as the AMT Pro-Shop series from a few years ago, Aoshima has a series of prepainted kits of popular import cars. 

From the start, I wanted to build this kit straight from the box without any added detail-painting. I was a little worried that I would not be able to do that – then I opened the box.  Every part – I mean every part – of this kit is painted in authentic and accurate colors.  Some parts have three colors on them. 

All of the parts are still attached to the trees. Each tree is individually bagged, and the clear parts are packed in bubble wrap for added protection.

The body and its related parts were painted pearl white. There were no blemishes in the paint, and it did have a decent amount of gloss to it. It did seem to me that the front and rear bumpers were a slightly different shade of white than the main body. The hood seemed to be a third different one, as well. 

The different colors do not detract much from the finished model, and are only really noticeable under close scrutiny. 

A couple of mold lines are visible under the paint. The separation lines between the window trim and the body did have a few soft spots, especially on the A-pillars. All of the other color separations are crisp throughout the rest of the model. 

I did have to touch up the lip around the engine bay; the white plastic was visible after cutting the strengthening sprue from this area. A wide felt-tip marker worked perfectly for this.
The interior was painted in semiflat black. The silver detail-painting on the dashboard is better than I could have done. Decals are provided for the gauges, and there are three choices for the GPS screen. 

The other spot on this model that I had to touch up was the top of the seats.  They were painted black over white plastic, and it was visible after cutting from the sprue. The same marker as before was used for this.
The detail-painting on the chassis, engine, and suspension parts was also done well, and with accurate colors. I was particularly impressed with the painting of the chassis plate.   

Assembly of this kit went pretty well, with few surprises. Most of the assembly time was used waiting for glue to dry on subassemblies. 

I had to use clamps to get the sides of the rear bumper to mate up with the body. I also used clamps to hold the front and rear undertrays to the chassis.  This was necessary to keep the springs in the working suspension systems from forcing them out of place. All of the other parts fit together perfectly. 

Care must be taken when attaching the side marker lights to the body. They will only fit into their spaces one way.  Forcing them into place could cause them to break. Decals are provided for all exterior emblems, and they settle into place well with setting solution.

The finished model looks good on the shelf. There are a couple of places that could use some detail-painting; the brake discs come immediately to mind. 

For the builder who has limited time to build, or has no facilities to paint, this is a perfect model kit. 

This is also a great kit for the builder who wants to just “finish something.” It is a real slump-buster kind of kit.
However, it is not a kit for the beginner. Some modeling skills are needed to get a satisfactory result.  Would I recommend this kit to a friend?  In a word, yes!


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