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Aoshima Toyota 86

Toyota 86
Aoshima No. 0076-3000
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: Black, clear
Scale: 1/24
MSRP: $34.95
Pros: Building options; good chassis painting guide
Cons: Lack of interior callouts; warped back glass
Toyota’s 86 has a rich sports car pedigree, combining the S800, 2000GT and the popular AE86 (Corolla) chassis.  Also, coming off Toyota’s Supra and modern LFA supercar, the ZN6 chassis 86 had big shoes to fill. It filled these shoes with no problem, and today the Toyota 86, Toyota GT86, Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ (all based on the same ZN6 chassis) is one of the most popular FR vehicles to tune.

Aoshima was right on par in terms of timing of this kit; as soon as the Tamiya kit hit the shelves, the Aoshima version wasn’t far behind.

This version depicts a factory stock ZN6. Aoshima gives the builder three building options: Toyota 86 (Japan), Toyota GT86 (Europe), and Scion FRS (North America). This version also includes full engine detail.

As with many Japanese kits, assembly begins with the chassis and suspension. Aoshima provides the option of a lowered stance with cambered wheels/tires for the front and rear suspensions.  

If you are after complete accuracy, the chassis painting guide is spot-on, although it does involve a fair amount of tricky masking. I was able to achieve a decent result following the painting instructions.
Because this is a full-detail kit, a four-piece transmission is assembled and mounted to the chassis early during assembly.

The rear suspension is pretty simple to assemble, but is finicky. It’s easy to break off the rear uprights from their mounting points on the chassis, even with the rear subframe installed.  

Most of the front suspension is hidden by the large front guard/chassis pan, so not much detailing is needed.  

The interior assembly begins with the floor pan, which mates to the top side of the chassis pan. Pay close attention to the painting instructions throughout the entire interior assembly process; there are variations between cars. You also have the option of building the ZN6 as left- or right-hand drive.  

One thing I found a little bit strange is the lack of decal callouts for the interior. The decal sheet is full of details for the dashboard, but none of them are called out in the instructions.

Bodywork is quick and easy. There are no mold lines visible on the body shell or front/rear bumper covers.  

The glass installs without too much of a fight. Side windows install from the outside; the front and rear glass installs from the inside. I had to clamp the rear edge of the rear glass down to achieve a proper fit; the window had a slight warp.

There are two headlight options to distinguish among the US, Japan, and Euro versions. You also get right- or left-hand windshield-wiper setups. There are two options for fog lights as well.

Unlike most other full-detail kits, engine assembly and installation is the final step! The four-cylinder boxer engine is replicated well in seven pieces.  Engraving and detail is incredible on the block. Minor detailing is needed to really bring the engine to life.

Engine installation was pretty easy; the block just drops into the engine bay, right between the wheel wells.  

Throw on the wheels, tires, hood, separate trunk lid, and a few logo decals, and you’ll be done!

My build was enjoyable. I spent a little time working through small snafus, but nothing too difficult. This would be a breeze to build for an experienced modeler.  

Aoshima’s Toyota 86 is a great replica of a great sports car!


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