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Revell 2015 Mustang GT

2015 Mustang GT
Revell No. 85-1685
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene snap kit
Molded Colors: Red, black, clear
MSRP: $11.25
Pros: Simple assembly should be no problem for beginners
Cons: Body-to-chassis fit a bit tricky
This all-new snap kit was the basis for Bob Downie's "Improving an auto-show giveaway" article in the August 2014 issue of Scale Auto. Bob built a promotional version of this kit from a car show in Detroit; now the full kit has been released.

With only a dozen parts, including preassembled wheels, tires, and axles, there's nothing here that should challenge beginning modelers of any age or experience level. I'm sure a helping hand here or there would be good, but I think anyone should be able to assemble this kit within the 15- to 30-minute window suggested on the box art
Indeed, upon opening the box, the first thing the builder encounters is what looks like a preassembled model in a plastic bag. “Is this already done?”  I thought. But no, the individually-bagged parts are merely stacked under the car’s body, with the chassis offering support from underneath.

The front and rear glass and headlights are already in place, making for fewer fingerprints and one less potential challenge to make everything line up properly. Add the grille and taillights, and the body is ready to go.

Interior assembly consists of adding the steering wheel to the dash and snapping the dash assembly into place. The interior is then inverted and snapped back-to-front in place.

The chassis is a flat plate that needs only to have the axle assemblies snapped in place. It’s then inverted and mounted to the body assembly with two push pins, one front and one rear.

This was the only tricky part of the assembly; the rear pin did not line up correctly with the chassis. I had to bow the chassis slightly to get everything to align well enough so that the pin would seat fully and not back out.
I’d also suggest using a soft cloth or towel for most of the assembly work – especially when the body is inverted – to prevent scratches.

The completed Mustang definitely has a “coolness factor” to it, and the fact that it’s a current car should help it appeal to young modelers. It doesn’t hurt that the wheels roll, either!

And we know from Bob Downie’s article that this is a great platform for adult modelers as well. Plenty of fun here for all ages.


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