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Revell Sox & Martin 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda
Revell No. 85-4196
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, black, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $19.95
Pros: Easy assembly; excellent parts fit; drag-racing parts added
Cons: Stance too high; side windows not included
This kit comes on the heels of the new tool of the 1970 Hemi Cuda. Most parts from that kit have been retained, with drag-racing-specific items added.

All parts for the stock Hemi are still included, with the addition of a tunnel ram intake, dual Holley carburetors, headers, and a deep sump oil pan. Fender-mounted coil and cool can are nice additions.

The instructions don’t show the oil pan as part of the engine assembly. This isn’t a mistake; the steering linkage on these engines actually went through the oil pan. This is represented as a cavity in the pan, and it must be installed after the engine and linkage is in place on the chassis. I painted the inside of the pan and bottom of the engine block black, so this “hole” isn’t so apparent.

The interior has the stock bucket seats and dash. New parts are a column- mounted tach, three-point roll bar, and what appears to be a Hurst Super Shifter with T-handle and separate reverse lockout lever. It’s a gem!

The chassis retains the stock three-piece front suspension. The rear is all new, with separate “arched” leaf springs, extra-long shocks, and a Dana rear end. The holes for the stock exhaust remain, so I filled them with styrene rod.

The no-name slicks and front tires mount to a nice set of one-piece Keystone chrome wheels. Decals are included for the wheel centers, but only the Drag 500 for the tires, with Firestone noticeably absent.

The body is untouched from the stock offering. It does have a few soft mold- parting lines, but those are easily removed with light sanding. The wheel lips are slightly enlarged, and protrude a little too far, so some gentle sanding to soften those is in order.

I also noticed some inconsistency in the depth of the window trim, which made chrome foiling a bit of a challenge.

These cars were raced with all the windows in the closed position; sadly, no side windows are included in the kit.

The instructions note to fill in the depressions for the exterior rearview mirrors. I glued the mirrors in place, snipped them flush with the body, added a little filler, and sanded before painting.

The hood comes with the scoop molded in place. A new racing rear pan sans exhaust openings is also included. For the bumpers, the instructions show the front as chrome. That is a white part, so use it, as it will be painted red. The rear bumper should be
chrome, from all the references I have.

Decals are included for the red side panel and blue stripes on the hood and deck lid. Matching the decal color presents a challenge (see "How to match paint and decals" on page 20 in the December 2014 issue). The blue stripes for the hood and scoop come up a little short, but the length on the deck lid was fine. It took a lot of attention to work out all the wrinkles in the red side panel decals. I followed with a number of clear coats and polished the clear to make those decals look like they are painted on. Using decals to represent painted areas of a car is not my favorite method so I would prefer to paint those sections instead.
After final assembly, it was apparent the stance was too high. I recommend lowering the whole car about 3⁄32". An easy fix might be to use the “custom” front K-member from the stock Hemi Cuda kit and some lowering blocks (spacers) between the axle and leaf springs on the rear.

All facets of this kit assembled easily, and fit is excellent. It builds into a nice shelf model, leaving plenty of room for detailing.


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