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AMT 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator
Round 2 No. AMT 912/12
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, black, orange, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $23.99
Pros: New decal sheet; impressive engine; rarely-seen subject
Cons: Inaccurate front fender wells; exhaust-system fit issues
Round 2 has reissued the vintage AMT 1969 Cougar kit with colorful retro-style box art, and molded in white or orange plastic.

This reissue has a new decal sheet, with markings for two complete cars, including white and black side stripes, gauge faces, air cleaner and valve cover labels, Caution: Fan stickers, AMT logos, and seven pairs of license plates.

The one-piece body shell is well-proportioned and cleanly molded. Outside mirrors with chrome faces are provided, and the lower front valance and chin spoiler are attached separately, as are the rear spoiler and hood scoop. The hood has nice underside engraving and fits the body well.

The chassis pan, gas tank, fender wells, and front cross-member are molded together.

Though ejector-pin marks are visible, and the rounded shape of the front fender wells is inaccurate for a Ford product of this era, it presents well when it is painted and assembled.

The exhaust system is split into left and right sections, and requires some trimming and bending to get everything to fit. The end result looks nice, though the tailpipes are a little short.

The convincing front suspension consists of lower control arms, steering linkage, sway bar, and strut rods molded as one piece, with separate spindle uprights and plastic pins for installing the wheels.

In the rear, a hollow two-piece axle housing mounts to separate leaf springs, lower shackle plates, and shock absorbers, with a metal wire axle for attaching the rear wheels. Chrome- plated wheels mount to hollow vinyl tires with crisply printed lettering.

Engine-bay parts include diagonal cowl-to-fender braces, battery, simplified front bulkhead/radiator, and firewall with molded-in brake master cylinder.

The impressive 26-piece Boss 302 engine has a one-piece cylinder block with separate cylinder heads, oil pan, water pump, and intake manifold.

Additional parts include the oil filter, ignition coil, harmonic balancer, fan, starter, exhaust manifolds, and two-piece carburetor. The valve covers, oil breather, alternator, and air cleaner are chrome-plated.

The belts and pulleys are molded as a single piece, with indexed mounting pins ensuring the alternator and power steering pump are clocked correctly.

The four-speed transmission and bell housing are molded in halves, with separate shift linkage and cross-member/mount.

The interior consists of a tub with decent side panel engraving and the back seat molded in, plus bucket seats with separate seat backs, two-part floor shifter, nicely-engraved dash, one-piece steering wheel/column, and a hanging pedal cluster.

My example had a defect that partially obscured the clock face, which was easily fixed with careful trimming and application of the supplied decal.

Assembly was straightforward, though the shift linkage required some grinding to fit inside the transmission tunnel. The windows and interior tub fit the body without incident, as did the front and rear bumpers, though the mounting pins on the backs of the taillights are visible on the final product.

All decals laid down smoothly and adhered well.

Kudos to Round 2 for reissuing this kit. It’s nice to have this it available again; it offers the opportunity to build a rarely-seen subject.


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