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MPC 1960 Chevy Corvette

1960 Chevy Corvette
MPC No. MPC/830
Model Type: Injection-molded
Molded Colors: White, clear, black
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $22.99
Pros: Seven building versions; many accessories
Cons: Flash; cannot be built 100 percent box-stock
When this kit (and this box art) was introduced in 1968, it was the ultimate Corvette kit, boasting no less than seven building versions. The instructions still list them all: stock, Bonneville, modified sports car, rally car, road racer, drag racer and wild custom!

The good news is that this kit is still packed with all the parts to build these versions (almost), plus a myriad of cool accessories such as a ski rack with skis, fire extinguisher, helmet, rally board, tow bar, and a seven-piece driver figure.

There are also two hinged hoods, three induction systems, two tops, two tonneau covers, custom grille, taillights, side pipes, chute pack, and three wheel choices.

The not-so-good news is that you cannot build an accurate 1960 Corvette with the parts in this box. The seats are from the 1957 iteration of this kit, and the tires are F70-15 wide-treads ... not available in 1960.

That’s too bad; some of the stock pieces in the kit – such as the headlights, taillights, and wheel covers – are nicely done. That said, there are plenty of other ways to go with this model.

Open the retro box, and everything is in one of six bags, including the decal sheet. Also included are a pair of pad- printed Racemaster Dragster slicks, the instructions, and a mini model box.

The only big disappointment with this kit is the ample amount of flash on the parts – especially the chrome tree. The white parts have acceptable flash for 47-year-old tooling, but be prepared to clean up the chrome pieces.

Assembly is easy enough, although a lot of parts don’t have locator pins for positive location. Some of the attachment points are large as well, requiring silver paint or chrome foil to repair. The tops of all four fenders need to be sanded/rounded.

The engine is a 283 V-8 with the option of building the single-carb version or Corvette’s optional dual four- barrel. The heads are molded as part of the block, so assembly is easy.

The third option is a three-piece blower with injectors and a chrome scoop. Double Y headers are included for this option.

The chassis builds the same for all seven versions. The eight-piece front suspension features working steering, and the tie rod snaps in place!

The metal springs that were in earlier versions of the kit have been replaced with plastic pieces.

The rear suspension is four pieces, plus two shocks, with no optional ride height. At final assembly, the ride height was a little high in the front, but perfect for my drag car.

There is an inner fender unit in the front that must fit precisely. That may affect the ride height.

The wheels are attached to the axles with short plastic pins that don’t supply much support for the weight of the wheels/tires. I decided to use epoxy and forego the rolling-wheel feature.

The interior is a one-piece tub with a dashboard and choice of two steering wheels. When the body and interior are assembled, that unit fits over the chassis.

The chrome roll bar is meant to be used on the “open” version. If you wish to use it in conjunction with the hardtop or convertible top, the bar will have to be shortened a bit. The decal sheet includes a blue racing stripe and a large selection of sponsor logos.

There are more detailed Corvette kits, but this kit’s simplicity coupled with the abundance of optional parts makes for an enjoyable build.


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