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1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Vanishing Point

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T
AMT No. 942/12
Model Type: Injection-molded
Molded Colors: White, black, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $24.99
Pros: Nicely molded body has little flash; good chassis and tire detail
Cons: Some issues with interior parts fit and final assembly
Certain moments in our past become engrained into our memories.  For me, one such moment was seeing Vanishing Point – a real eye-opening experience for an impressionable lad of 12! The real star of the movie was the 1970 Challenger R/T.

I wasn’t familiar with the kit, so imagine my surprise when finding the body was a convertible! Well, here’s the top – but wait, it has vinyl top texture molded in. OK, I can see this is going to be a little more work than anticipated to actually make the car it’s supposed to be. So I decided to start with the body, figuring that if I screw this up, there’s no point having the rest of it built.

The body is nicely molded, with little flash and only minor mold lines to clean up. Next was sanding off all the vinyl texture on the roof, and by doing that you also lose the drip rails and rear window trim detail, so that will need to be rescribed.

The roof fit pretty well; it needed some filling and sanding, but went much better than I had expected. I also glued the front fascia in place and filled and sanded the seams.  That led to a problem later on getting the radiator wall and grille in place. I had to cut them apart to fit them into the body. 

Two hoods are included; I’m guessing one is the original from the kit with a large hole for a blower, and a replacement stock hood. Unfortunately, the replacement hood is poorly executed; the shape of the hood bulge is just “sort of close” at best. I filled the hole in the original hood with some sheet stock.

Another advantage to the original hood is it has the proper badging molded on; the replacement is plain. It is noted in the instructions to grind off some of the underhood detail to make it fit better; and yes, it does hit the top of the radiator if you don’t. 

Only front and rear windows are included, and they fit pretty well, although the lip around the top edge of the rear window extends into the actual window area, making it look thick.

The 16-piece engine starts with your typical left/right halves, with all the other bits added on. Assembly and overall fit and detail are pretty good.             

The chassis pan has great molded-in detail, and thankfully all suspension and exhaust parts are separate, making painting a breeze. 

The one-piece front suspension is a bit simplified but looks sufficiently detailed. The rear suspension is fairly basic, but fit and stance seem to be pretty much right.

The dual exhaust fits well, but the rectangular tips could use a bit of help to resemble the 1:1.

The tires have nicely printed “Goodyear” lettering and nice tread detail.

The interior is a tub-style unit, so sidewall detail is minimal. My model also had a huge warp in the right-hand wall – as if someone had pulled it out before the part had cooled. The top of the dash doesn’t fit well, and the shape seems too flat. The steering wheel wasn’t quite centered on the driver’s seat.

Final assembly went pretty well; the interior assembly fit up into the body without problems.  It took a bit of finessing to get the chassis up into the body – mostly getting the pins on the bottom of the interior tub lined up with the bosses in the chassis.  It might be easier just to clip them off, as it snaps in place fairly securely.

I think it came out OK; no contest winner, perhaps, but I’m happy with the outcome all the same.


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