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AMT 2017 Camaro

2017 Camaro
Round 2 No. AMT1035M
Model Type: Injection-molded
Molded Colors: Black, gray, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $25.99
Pros: Good parts fit
Cons: Simplified engine; front suspension a bit clunky
It’s been 50 years since the Camaro debuted to begin hunting Mustangs, and Chevy is celebrating with a 50th- anniversary edition.

This 1/25 scale kit features 104 parts on 13 sprues: eight black plastic, two silver plastic, one tree of chrome-plated plastic, and two sprues of clear parts

The taillights are decorated with translucent red around the edges, just like the 1:1 car, and the window insert is painted with black masking around the edges and an orange defroster grid on the back window.

The instruction sheet breaks down assembly into 10 steps with basic color callouts. I made some painting modifications based on the many online photos available of late-model Camaros, and based on photos I took of a convertible in 50th-anniversary dress at the Milwaukee Auto Show.

The 12-piece engine’s castings are clean and crisp, but the seems are a bit simplified. The top of the intake manifold is molded in one piece, along with the plastic covers that mimic valve covers. The hose from the air cleaner box terminates in a ring that’s molded as part of the front cover, instead of mating with the intake manifold. There are callouts for Camaro decals to go on the engine cover, but they aren’t on the decal sheet.

The six-piece front suspension is simplified. It’s sturdy and features poseable steering, but I prefer scale fidelity to play value.

The rear suspension is more satisfying, consisting of 20 parts, many of which appear to be exhaust hangers (there are no part names called out), but the rear axle half shafts are unrealistically thick, to accommodate the plastic pins that hold the wheels.

The two lower-rear control arms have their part numbers switched.

The upper-rear control arms appear to fit equally well in the top or bottom hole in the backing plate/brake rotor. I thought it would be easier to install the rear anti-roll bar before the rear control arms, so I did that instead of following the instructions’ sequence.

The interior is a platform-style assembly of 11 parts. The sculpting on the door panels gets all of the swoopy shapes Chevy designers put in there.

Having the auto show photos helped me with picking out details, including the swoops of silver that circle from the door latch handles around to the       armrests.

One oddity, it appeared the driver’s-side window controls were molded on the passenger’s side.

Decals help detail the instrument cluster, center-stack touchscreen display, insignia on the seats and the center of the steering wheel.

The instructions call out the “FIFTY” logo that goes on the bottom-left faces of the headrests, but they don’t mention the SS logos that go in the depressions in the middle of the seat backs. Fortunately there are enough logos to put SS badges on the interior as well as the front and rear fascias.

In addition to the SS badges, there are “FIFTY” logos for the front fenders and rear panel, and black-and-orange hood and decklid stripes.

There’s a separate stripe for the rear wing, but on my kit, the orange stripes were printed lightly, so they didn’t show up well against the Tamiya Gunmetal Gray I used.

Body-to-chassis fit was uneventful. In fact, overall engineering of the kit was good. Many parts were nearly a press-fit, the connections were so solid.

Some detailing – especially the front suspension – is a bit clunky, but this kit assembles into a solid, satisfying model that captures the lines of Chevy’s pony car well. 


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