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Duplicating panel lines

Scribing new door lines onto one side of a model car body can be tricky. Scribing an identical door on the other side of the car can be downright frustrating - unless you use this handy tip submitted by Hobby Heaven Message Board regular Duane Hester. Our goal in the "Tip of the Month" section of this article is to present simple solutions to common modeling problems, and I think Duane's idea is just the ticket for saving valuable hobby time when duplicating panel lines. We'll let Duane take it from here:

"Duplicating door lines can be made easy by employing a styrene template that can be traced on either side of the model.

Step 1: Using .015- or .020-inch styrene sheet, cut a template in the shape of the door you wish to create. You may want to make a test pattern out of card stock and when you get it right, transfer the shape onto the styrene.

Step 2: Tack the template to the side of the car using super glue. A small drop at each corner of the template
will hold it. I also use small office binder clips to hold the template in place while the glue cures.

Step 3: Using the template as a guide, scribe the new door lines around the template with the back of a no.11 X-acto blade. A small triangle file would also work.

Step 4: Carefully pry the template off of the body using the X-acto blade or a small, flat screwdriver. It's important to pop the template off as soon as possible. Once the super glue cures, it'll be difficult to remove.

Step 5: Reverse the template and follow steps 2 through 4 to make matching lines on the other side of the model.

Step 6: Clean the glue residue off the body using a sanding stick. Again, the quicker you remove the residue the better. This tip also works for hoods and trunks. Just make your template in the shape of half the hood-trunk line you wish to create and draw a centerline down the body to align the template. Flip the template from one side to the other to create perfect panel lines."

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the biggest time savers.


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