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Meet the Staff


Jim Haught

Jim Haught came to Scale Auto in January 2003 after a stint as an Associate Editor at FineScale Modeler. He joined Kalmbach in May 2002, following two years as a freelance writer/editor and seven years as editor of Model Aviation. Jim built his first car model in 1963. "As a kid, I built many aircraft, spacecraft, and car models," he says, "especially the AMT 3-in-1 kits with the wire-through-the-block axles. I was a big Ed Roth fan, so I always chose the Custom building option." Jim's spare-time activities include many hours following the San Francisco Giants, the music of Creedence Clearwater Revival, and an inexplicable fascination with his first car, a 1976 Chevy Vega Kammback.

Monica Freitag

Monica has been a member of the Scale Auto editorial staff since May 2003. She has spent much of her career at Kalmbach Publishing Co. as the Editorial Assistant for FineScale Modeler magazine. Aside from keeping the operations of the magazine office running smoothly, she is also responsible for reporting new products. Monica lives in Milwaukee with her two children and a tuxedo cat named Mitten. She enjoys gardening, reading the Sunday paper (before anyone else is up!), movies, and music.

Tom Ford

Tom has worked on more than a dozen magazines over the past 20 years, including Art Muscle, Astronomy, Bird Watching, Earth, and Mercury. He has also designed books for Little Golden Books and, of course, Kalmbach Publishing Co. While he's primarily a print designer, Tom also dabbles in Flash and web design. Wired into the Internet since nearly the beginning, Tom spent many long nights dialing up his mother's school's PDP-11 miniframe computer at 300 baud. He's been (unsuccessfully) trying to keep up with technology ever since.

Mark Savage

As a kid, Mark built car and aircraft models; his first kit he can remember was an F-101 Voodoo, but he built a lot of vintage car and race car models, too. Since then, he has added die-cast models, slot car racing, and snowmobiling to his “favorites” list. Mark joined Kalmbach Publishing after 25 years as a daily newspaper journalist, where he became an auto review columnist (“Savage on Wheels”), something he continues as a side interest. At KPC, Mark first was editor of Model Retailer, a hobby trade magazine, before becoming editor of American Snowmobiler. He happily rejoins the hobby world as Scale Auto’s associate publisher and where his office — a near shrine to model and diecast cars — fits right in.


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